01/01/00 -- Detroit, MI

Careless Whisper
Get in Line
computer bugs and college football
It's All Been Done
Never is Enough
In the Car ("I'd have to wait for Kevin Hearn to try it out")
Kevin/Juice Rap, Footloose
Who Needs Sleep
What a Good Boy
Old Apartment
streak and spot the bald guy
Meet the Security Guard- "You Really Got Me"
Alcohol w/ Hanky Panky
no alcohol in Vancouver
Blame it on Me
Life in a Nutshell
Bass solo- "Stars and Stripes Forever"
One Week
I'll be that Girl
If I had a $1000000- christmas and ed the "turkeyball" champ
Don't Cry Out Loud

Be my Yoko Ono
Brian Wilson

Call and Answer