08/31/99 -- Cincinnati, OH

Box Set-->Livin' La Vida Loca
Never is Enough
Life in a Nutshell
Jumbotron Banter
Banter- Kissing a Toad --> Cincinnati, are you happy? --> named random cities/states and finished it with "in my pants"
Hello City
National Anthem Banter
Short Guys Who Bullied Steve in High School Banter
It's all Been Done
In the Car
Break Your Heart
Old Apartment- Audience God info
You Too Can Be A Rockstar- "That bald guy in the America Shirt (jay)"
Jay and Ed sing Rock Ballad- "Heaven" by Bryan Adams
Bass Solo
I Live With it Every Day
Some Fantastic (Devo Style)
One Week
Banter About Dance Crazes
I'll Be That Girl
Straw Hat and Old Dirty Hank
Ed/Steve Steal a Cell Phone and Make Random Calls
Barenaked Rap-(Don't Cry Out Loud, Hard Knock Life, Gettin' Jiggy With It, Wild Wild West, No Diggity, the Farmboy Homeboy Rap, Rockafella Skank, Baby One More Time, Near Far, Pretty Fly For A White Guy.)

Ed Talking About the Theme- People With Hooded Sweatshirts
King of Bedside Manor (With Moondance in the middle)
Brian Wilson

Call and Answer